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Sept Return to School Letter


1st September 2020

Dear Parents,



As you are all now aware, the Welsh Government has announced that all schools will be open and all pupils are to return next week. We are looking forward to your child attending again. Our school will follow all the guidelines issued by the Welsh Government and the Local Authority and have made our school as safe and welcoming as possible. Please see the information below, taking particular attention to times, precautions, etc.

Return dates and times

All pupils will return on THURSDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER (except Nursery who have had separate phone calls). Please note the start/finish times.

Year Group









Yr 1



Yr 2



Yr 3



Yr 4



Yr 5



Yr 6




  • The children are expected to be in the classroom at their start time, please do not be late.
  • The times are staggered to lessen the number of pupils using the cloakrooms and the number of adults on the yard.
  • Siblings, please attend at the earlier time for all children. For example, Yr 1 at 8:45, year 4 brother at 9:00 - both arrive for 8:45am.
  • ALL children, even year 6, are to be accompanied by ONE adult on the first two days. If this can be relaxed for years 5 & 6 the second week we will inform you at the end of the week.
  • If possible, walk or park outside of the school site to help social distancing. DO NOT park in the staff car park or on pavements etc. If there are no spaces in the drop off area, please leave the site and park offsite.
  • Children can bring their scooters or bikes but must walk with them on the school premises to enter the gates socially distanced.
  • The small gate at the left hand side of the school, the ‘polling gate’, will be open for EXIT ONLY to help social distancing and a shorter route if you have walked around the school.

The School Day

  • Your child will remain within their class or ‘bubble’ during that school day.
  • Each class will remain separate from other classes throughout the day, including playtimes and dinner times.
  • Children will have their own resources where practical.
  • Any shared devices etc. will be cleaned between uses.
  • There will be no Breakfast Club for the first two weeks. If you wish to use the club from 14th September you will have to register online between 1st – 6th Sept on RCT website
  • Lunch will be provided for those entitled to free school meals. Other pupils are able to purchase meals but the school during September will become a ‘cash and cheque free’ school, instead using online payments. This can be discussed with the school secretaries. Meals will cost £2.55 per day, £12.75 per week.
  • Pupils are able to bring their own packed lunch.
  • Initially there will be no after school clubs.


What do pupils need

  • All children wear school uniform.
  • All children will need a full water bottle.
  • We are unable to sell fruit but children can bring their own snack, fruit only, labelled in box/bag.
  • Milk will be provided for all Foundation Phase pupils.
  • Suitable outdoor coats etc. The advice is to be outside as often as suitable for learning.



Welsh Government has recognised that transmission of COVID19 in learners under the age of 12 is particularly low. Our school will minimise contacts and promote social distancing. Here are some of the safety measures that you can expect:

  • Staggered starting/finishing times, lunch times & break times.
  • Class bubbles.
  • Sanitising hands at the start and end of each day, which might result in queues when coming to school, so please be prepared to wait socially distanced.
  • No ‘walk in’ to Head Teacher or secretaries. Any discussions should be completed on the phone or by appointment. The Head Teacher will be available most days at the gates at the start of day and teachers at their cloakroom door.
  • Walk on the left to help passing at gates, walking on pavements, etc.
  • Please do not gather with other parents to ‘chat’ but leave the site.
  • Regular supervised handwashing throughout the day for all pupils and staff.
  • Sanitising hands before using the toilet and after washing their hands on used the toilet. Pupils will not require face coverings.
  • Signage across the school that all must adhere to e.g. 2-metre footprint markers, one-way systems etc.
  • Any surplus furniture will be removed from the classrooms so that they can be easily cleaned/sanitised.
  • A cleaner will be on site throughout the day, classrooms and toilets will be cleaned regularly. Two cleaners will complete cleaning of toilets and classrooms at the end of day.


 I know that some of you will have concerns regarding this return. However, the 3-week return to ‘check in and catch up’ was very successful. We have had the opportunity to fine-tune our practices and our school building and grounds enable us to socially distance appropriately. When your child walks through the doors they will be as cared for and as nurtured as they have ever been and we will do our very best to protect and support them, and you, during these developing times.

Thank you, as always for your patience and your ongoing support. I will be available most mornings at the gate, through the email account and via the phone. I look forward to having your child at our school again.


Yours sincerely,

P Morgan

Head teacher