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Healthy Schools

The Healthy Schools initiative plays a large role in Cwmaman Primary School, encouraging and promoting health before, during and after school hours. We were awarded the National Quality Award in 2018, and we will be undergoing a two-year reassessment this summer term. The continued hard work from the school shows the wonderful commitment to the holistic approach we at Cwmaman use, to ensure all children develop mentally, emotionally and physically.

Advice and guidance is offered to Cwmaman Primary through publications and national networking events that Mr. Morgan, Mrs. South and Mr. Tampsett attend, on a termly basis. The leadership of this scheme has been distributed to all staff members to ensure ownership and a whole school approach has been adopted.

Cwmaman Primary school has developed policies, which promote health following the Welsh government’s guidelines. These policies used in Cwmaman contribute to the promotion of healthy lifestyles by considering a range of actions on particular health topics, such as Food and Fitness, Mental Health and Well-being, Environment, Personal Development, Substance use and misuse, Hygiene and Safety.

The children in Cwmaman play a vital role in the ethos and environment of “Healthy Schools" and each child understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to ensure a high level of well-being.