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Healthy Schools

Here are Cwmaman Primary School we are proud to promote a healthy lifestyle. 


Our pupils are taught about how a healthy body means looking after and taking care of our whole self - physical, social, emotional and mental. 


We are proud to have a number of THRIVE and ELSA practitioners who support and equip our children with the skills that they need to make the right decisions for their health. 


Before we amalgamated to create Cwmaman Primary School, both Cwmaman Infants and Glynhafod Juniors were awarded the National Quality Award for Healthy schools. We retained this status in 2018 and and in 2022 we will be re-verified once again. We are confident that we will still meet the high expectations of the Healthy Schools team thanks to the continued hard work and commitment of our staff and pupils. 


Healthy Bodies


Every day in Cwmaman Primary School is a day to build a stronger, healthier body. Our PE scheme of work allows our staff to cover a range of sports which develop our pupil's balance, spacial awareness plus hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. 


In addition to weekly P.E lessons, our Foundation Phase pupils have daily opportunities to develop their gross motor skills through the use of a variety of bikes, trikes, scooters and large playground equipment. 


Our Health and Wellbeing lessons educate our children on how to look after their bodies. through topics such as "Hygiene", "Safety" and "Substance Use and Misuse".  


Pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy, safe and prepared for life. We aspire to ensure our children have secure values and show respect to all cultures and values. Our topic "Let's Celebrate" centered around deepening our understanding of the celebrations and special occasions marked by various religions and cultures around the world. 


Children are taught to value the diversity of cultures and languages that exist in a multi-cultural Wales and they will become aware of the traditions and celebrations that are important aspects of the cultures within Wales itself.