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Keep up to date with all the latest news happening in school at the moment.

  • May Newsletter

    Fri 01 Jul 2022
  • Return to school Feb 28th (after half term)

    Fri 18 Feb 2022

    Please see latest Free Quently Asked Questions

  • Return to school, Covid guidance

    Thu 06 Jan 2022

    JANUARY 2022

    Please see latest RCT Frequently Asked Questions.


  • January 2022 Restart

    Tue 21 Dec 2021

    The restart of school will be delayed after the Christmas break to Thursday 6th January. Please see the newsletters for the latest update.

    Take care.

  • Dates & Events

    Sat 09 Oct 2021

    Dates and Events


    World Mental Health Day

    We are promoting WMHD on Friday 8th October. We will have fun activities throughout the school to support our staff & pupils wellbeing. It would be great if staff & children could wear something YELLOW, but please don’t go out and buy clothes because it can be a T-shirt but it can be a homemade badge, headband, ribbon, mask, cape, etc. If you haven’t anything at home the teachers will ensure the children will make something in class.The children can still wear their school uniform if you wish.

    We will not be making any collection but there are many ways online to support groups such as



    Inset Day

    The staff are training on Monday 11th October, the school will be closed for pupils.



    We will be celebrating Harvest on Thursday 14th October. They will reflect on and be thankful for the things we often take for granted and share in bread and jam freshly (and safely) made in school. We don't require money but would be grateful if you could donate a tin, jar, packet of food to support the Food Bank. Our local distribution is Hope Church and they have helped many families who continue to be in need especially due to Covid and the economic climate. You can donate a full carrier bag if you wish! or donate online at


    Food items still needed:

    *Tinned Fruit               *Tinned rice pudding                *Tinned meat  *Tea 40 bags   *Tea 80 bags      *Pot noodles   *Small squashes       *Small bars of chocolates     *Instant coffee


    Half Term

    No school due to half term Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October. All pupils return Monday 1st November


    School Photos

    The photographer will be at school on Tuesday 9th November. The prices usually start at approximately £10 and payment will be required with order. I hope this advance notice helps everyone to prepare for the cost if you wish to purchase any for a Christmas gift to family. We will try to make opportunities for siblings to attend.


    Nasal Flu Spray

    Pupils will be offered the annual flu spray on Thursday 11th November. Details to follow closer to date.




                It is likely that a school concert will be recorded and made available to you through Seesaw or on a text link at the end of December.

  • Swap donate Reuse

    Sat 18 Sep 2021

    18th September 2021


    Swap, Donate & Reuse


    Before Covid and its restrictions, our School Council launched their own initiative. They started to collect donated uniforms and ‘sell’ for a very small donation. The new school council wants to restart this environmentally friendly project, by reusing and not throwing away but also to support families with the cost of uniforms.


    Weather permitting, on Tuesday 21st September from 8:30am, there will be a large selection of used uniform jumpers, cardigans, etc on tables in the main yard. There will also be a selection of coats which have been left in cloakrooms and unclaimed over the past few years. 


    Parents will be able to:

    • swap by donating another item of uniform that another family would use. Please do not donate non-uniform clothes. 
    • or take any garment and give a donation that will go towards other School Council projects. 
    • or just take, for free, some items that they will reuse.


    At the tables there will be hand sanitisers to maintain safety. Please do not allow the children to handle the clothes and keep a sensible distance between families.


    The School Council will offer the opportunity again in a few weeks. Please support their project, the environment and our community.

    School Council

  • Welcome Back To School

    Tue 07 Sep 2021

    A New School Year

    I am so pleased to be able to welcome the children back to school at the start of this new accademic year. There are still a number of restrictions in place to ensure we protect the children and staff from Covid19 but we are in school and about to embark on a year of enjoyment and learning.

    Please see the latest newsletter which has all the information needed for a successful start.

    Take care


    Success is to do our best!

  • Parent update

    Sun 14 Mar 2021

    Welcoming KS2 pupils back to school

    a.k.a The last week of Home Learning!


    Dear Parents,

    The Welsh Government has provisionally announced that all schools will be open to KS2 pupils next week if the ‘Covid numbers continue to fall’. The First Minister will confirm the next steps on Friday 12th March. We are hoping that all pupils will be attending from Monday 15th March. Our school will follow all the guidelines issued by the Welsh Government and the Local Authority and have made our school as safe and welcoming as possible. Please see the information below, taking particular attention to times, precautions, etc.

    Please note the start/finish times. The children are expected to be in the classroom at their start time, please do not be late.

    ● The times are staggered to lessen the number of pupils using the cloakrooms and the number of adults on the yard.

    ● Siblings, please attend at the earlier time for all children. For example, Yr 1 at 8:45, year 4 brother at 9:00 - both arrive for 8:45am.

    ● If possible, walk or park outside of the school site to help social distancing. DO NOT park in the staff car park or on pavements etc. If there are no spaces in the drop off area, please leave the site and park offsite.

    ● Children can bring their scooters or bikes but must walk with them on the school premises to enter the gates socially distanced.

    ● The small gate at the left hand side of the school, the ‘polling gate’, will be open for EXIT ONLY to help social distancing and a shorter route if you have walked around the school. The School Day ● Your child will remain within their class or ‘bubble’ during that school day.


    Year Group Start Finish

    Nursery 9:00 12:00

    Reception 9:00 3:15

    Yr 1 8:45 3:00

    Yr 2 9:00 3:15

    Yr 3 8:45 3:10

    Yr 4 9:00 3:25

    Yr 5 8:45 3:10

    Yr 6 9:00 3:25


    ● Each class will remain separate from other classes throughout the day, including playtimes and dinner times.

    ● Children will have their own resources where practical and any shared devices etc. will be cleaned between uses.

    ● If your child was attending the Breakfast Club before Christmas it is available from Monday 15th March for two weeks. If you wish to use the Breakfast Club from 12th April you will have to register online between 8th – 12th March on RCT website

    ● Lunch will be provided for those entitled to free school meals. Other pupils are able to purchase meals using online payments. Meals will cost £2.55 per day, £12.75 per week. Pupils are able to bring their own packed lunch.

    ● There will be no after school clubs.


    What do pupils need

    ● All children wear school uniform and all children will need a full water bottle.

    ● We are unable to sell fruit but children can bring their own snack, fruit only, labelled in box/bag.

    ● Suitable outdoor coats etc. The advice is to be outside as often as suitable for learning. Safety measures and social distancing Welsh Government has recognised that transmission of COVID19 in learners under the age of 12 is particularly low. Our school will minimise contacts and promote social distancing. Here are some of the safety measures that you can expect:

    ● Staggered starting/finishing times, lunch times & break times.

    ● Class bubbles.

    ● Sanitising hands at the start and end of each day, which might result in queues when coming to school, so please be prepared to wait socially distanced. Regular supervised handwashing throughout the day for all pupils and staff. Sanitising hands before using the toilet and after washing their hands on used the toilet. Pupils will not require face coverings.

    ● No ‘walk in’ to Head Teacher or secretaries. Any discussions should be completed on the phone or by appointment. The Head Teacher will be available most days at the gates at the start of day and teachers at their cloakroom door.

    ● Walk on the left to help passing at gates, walking on pavements, etc.

    ● Please do not gather with other parents to ‘chat’ but leave the site. ● Signage across the school that all must adhere to e.g. 2-metre footprint markers, oneway systems etc.

    ● A cleaner will be on site throughout the day, classrooms and toilets will be cleaned regularly. Two cleaners will complete cleaning of toilets and classrooms at the end of day.


    I hope the successful return of the Foundation Phase pupils in the last month will help alleviate any concerns.

    We only have two weeks before Easter so I would encourage ALL pupils to return. If you have a reason not for your child to return, please contact the school as soon as possible and before Monday.


    Easter Break Monday 29th March to Friday 9th April.

    Return to school Monday 12th April.

    Thank you for your ongoing support. I look forward to having your child at our school again.

    Yours sincerely, P Morgan Head teacher

  • Update Return 22nd Feb 2021

    Fri 12 Feb 2021

    Wednesday 10th February 2021


    Further Update


    Dear Parents/ Carer,


    A quick update for the parents of FP or Hub provision on the return to school on Monday 22nd February.


    A number of parents who are eligible have requested KS2 Hub provision. The closing date is 12pm Wednesday 10th February as stated in the previous letter. The Local Authority states Hub provision is a last option if a Keyworker has no other childcare. Even though many find home learning difficult at times, this is not a reason for requesting Hub provision.


    Breakfast Club will be available from Monday 22nd February for children who had attended Breakfast Club before Christmas.


    Payment for a school dinner has to be made online before Monday 22nd February. The dinners will not follow a set menu during the first week due to some stock needing to be used and new ordered.


    Please remember for children to wear suitable clothing, coats, gloves, etc. because they will be outside for play and some activities.


    If any FP child is not attending on 22nd February, parents have to phone school by 9:30am. We continue to follow all guidelines to a very high standard to help ensure that any risks to your child and the staff are at a minimum.


    If you have a queries please email or phone. Please have an enjoyable Seesaw free half term. Take care and follow the guidelines to prevent any increase of risk. I hope we will be able to have the KS2 pupils returning as soon as possible.


    P Morgan

    Head Teacher

  • Return to School 22nd Feb 2021

    Sat 06 Feb 2021


     Friday 5th February 2021


    Dear Parents/ Carer,


    Firstly, thank you to all the pupils, parents and staff for the online learning that has taken place since the beginning of January. I have been extremely proud of all the incredible learning that has gone on. It has been on paper, digitally, in the kitchen, living room, garden, while on walks, in the hub, painted, drawn, typed, written, danced, sang, baked and even outside No10 Downing Street (virtually)! It has not been easy for parents, carers and grandparents. My staff too, have had to juggle their home responsibilities and their school role. Well done to you all.

    There are a number of parents who might still have issues engaging with home learning, as stated before please contact the teacher through Seesaw or myself at the school for support and possibly alternative solutions.


    Parent/Teacher Meetings

    Our usual Parent/teacher meetings will be conducted on the phone from week commencing Monday 8th February. Your child’s class teacher will message on Seesaw and text to give you a time period on a particular day when the meeting can take place. If this is inconvenient, please contact the teacher by Seesaw or contact the school.


    Half Term

    Seesaw will continue next week but all online learning will stop during half term. The staff will be instructed to turn off Seesaw and recharge their batteries. Please continue to read with your child and to feed their curiosity. There will be NO Hub provision during half term as instructed by the Local Authority. I will be available via email during the week for any queries but my response may take 24 hours ;)


    Back to School

    Following the Welsh Government announcement, I am pleased to invite children of nursery, reception, year 1 & year 2 back to school. These Foundation Phase pupils are to attend from Monday 22nd February 2021.

    Year Group









    Yr 1



    Yr 2









    Some nursery are full time – finish 3pm


    Children who were due to start as pre-nursery in January will be delayed in their return and will have separate individual information.

    It is reassuring that the Welsh Government and their advisors believe it is safe enough to return and confident that the schools’ practices under their guidelines will minimise any risk in the current pandemic. To minimise these risks we all must follow the guidelines nationally and how they are implemented in our school. Below is a general list to try to capture the practices on our return:


    • If possible, do not block a drop off bay but park outside of the school grounds.
    • Only 1 adult to accompany the children to and from school, walking socially distanced from other adults. If possible, no older children are to accompany with parents.
    • All adults to wear face coverings on the schoolyard.
    • Children to walk onto the yard with parent and line socially distanced at the correct time, arriving too early means adults are gathering and even a minute late stops the gates being closed on time.
    • Parents to remain 2m from doorway/member of staff.
    • Children will sanitise their hands on entry to the cloakroom.
    • Children are to have a water bottle and a suitable coat because we will be using the outdoor environment as often as possible.
    • Parents to phone/email school whenever possible and not visit school office.
    • Parents are to leave the premises promptly and not gather to chat.
    • Outside of school, please follow the guidelines and do not allow your child to mix with other families.


    In school, we will continue to wash hands/sanitise regularly. The children will remain in class bubbles and not mix during break/dinner times. Staff will wear masks in the class throughout the day. This is a new guideline but I am sure the children will adapt to it quicker than the staff! The toilets & cloakrooms, tables & chairs and areas that are frequently touched are cleaned on a number of occasions throughout the day. Windows and doors are opened periodically to allow good ventilation in class.


    KS2 Hub Provision

    Parents of children in KS2 who are eligible through being a Key worker/vulnerable pupil are able to apply for Hub provision. Please contact the school through email or phone by 12pm Wednesday 10th February.


    Breakfast club

    At this time, I am unsure of the start of Breakfast club. When I have further information, I will message parents.


    KS2 Provision

    I have no information regarding pupils in KS2 returning to school. Please support your child to access online learning that will restart on 22nd February through Seesaw.

    Further information will be shared when it is given to the schools. Please take care, keep the ‘R’ number down and I look forward to children returning.


    P Morgan

    Head Teacher